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Amazon has been stepping up its game to match up to its contemporaries. This year, they have been giving stiff competition to Google Ads, weighing their options to ensure a positive user experience and optimizing their platform as a result. Here is a look at some of the top announcements that Amazon Ads made this year.



New Amazon Portfolio Feature For Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands – This post shares details about the new feature ‘Amazon Portfolio’ added to help advertisers track their spend on Sponsored Products and Brands.


Introducing retail insights, now available to advertisers in beta – The retail insights report intends to provide advertisers with insights about the shopping activities of their products before, after and during the advertising campaigns.


Sellers: Announcing 2 new ways to manage your advertising  – Amazon offers two new resources to help advertisers with their strategy. One is Marketplace Appstore and the other is Service Provider Network. Learn more about it here.


Introducing Amazon Sponsored Products New Product Targeting Features – Here is a post that discusses about Product Targeting which allows advertisers to target customers by product, its benefits and other details that you would wish to know before using this feature.


Rebranding of Amazon Ads – With this announcement, Amazon retired Amazon Media Group, Amazon marketing Services and Amazon Advertising Platform and clubbed it all under one unified name, Amazon Advertising.


Introducing improved campaign manager features for easier and faster campaign creation and optimizations – To help advertisers improve their Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, Amazon Ads launched new campaign creation and management tools, which included bulk editing, data exporting etc.


New for Sponsored Products: automated notifications & recommendations to better manage daily budgets – Now advertisers can be quickly notified when their budget has got exhausted and maintain the continuity of your campaigns with this new feature. Also see budget recommendations for your campaigns.


Introducing new performance dashboard to visualize campaign data and trends – This new interactive perfromance dashboard helps advertisers visualize the campaign data to optimize campaign faster and easily.


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