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Start this week, with a quick recap of the top PPC news from last week. Launch of negative keywords tool for Amazon Ads, using life even targeting to reach audiences at the right moment, how ad suggestions can be useful, the availability of optimization score in your Google Ads account and more.


[NEW PRODUCT] Amazon Ads Negative Keywords Tool – Knowing that advertisers are keen to invest in Amazon ads and want it to bring in profitable returns, we have devised a tool that helps advertisers with negative keywords. Earlier launched for Google Ads and Bing Ads, we thought it was best to extend this offering for Amazon users as well.


Improve Your PPC Ads: Give Your Customers A Compelling Reason – How you can get your customers to click your ad by giving them the reason they can not say no to. Mike Fleming discusses how to meet that objective.

ppc ad copy attributes to test


How to Use Life Event Targeting in PPC & Social Ads – Advertisers can reach out to customers at their major or minor life events with the life even targeting on the paid search platforms. Lisa Raehsler shares how to use this targeting option.


Google Ads Optimization Score | What Does It Really Mean? – Now yo can view the optimization score in the recommendations tab of your Google Ads account. Greg Swan shares more details about this new option in this post.


CREATE EASY DYNAMIC REPORTS IN THE NEW GOOGLE ADS UI – Aislinn Bryan explores the features and tools int the new Google Ads UI that are impressive and worth a try.


Linkedin Targeting – How to Create Targeted Audiences That Scale – Targeting the right audience is the key to success on LinkedIn. Here is how you can get a step closer in creating your target audience and reaching out to them.


How Google’s Automated Ad Suggestions Are Performing – Here is why Google Ads’ ad suggestions are worth giving a try and worth examining for better ad performance. Brad Geddes evaluates in this post.

ad suggestions google ads


Understanding Click Share in Google Ads – What does click share metric mean in google Ads and how advertisers can handle a low click share. Antony Potts discusses in this post.


Facebook Ad Guidelines Cheat Sheet – Marc Schenker shares a cheat sheet that covers basic Facebook guidelines that you need to be aware of to make Facebook ads work for your business.

facebook ads manager - cheat sheet

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