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The one way to improve the ad position on the SERP is to improve your quality score and one of the main contributors of quality score is Ad Relevance.

Understanding Ad Relevance

Relevance means “The degree to which something is related or useful to what is happening“. It shows how closely one topic has been connected to another topic to make it useful.

In Google Ads advertising, Ad Relevance shows how closely an ad campaign satisfies the user’s search intent. For example, if you search for “Free Stock Photos“, the below ad will display. It shows that the user’s search criteria perfectly matches the ad hence there are chances to get lots of clicks and conversions.

Ad relevance in google search

There are three possible outcomes of quality score that your keyword can have. Basis that advertisers can take a decision on what action to take:

  • Above Average
  • Average
  • Below Average

Above average & average status show that there are no major issues when it comes to keyword’s ad relevance compared to other keywords across Google Ads but Below average status indicates that your ad or keywords need your attention.

How To Improve Ad Relevance Score

Do not get overly concerned if you see below average status for the keyword. It is an indication for you to take some steps to improve your ad copies, keywords, and campaign structure. Let’s dig in:

1. Set up Separate Ad Groups

Creating separate themed ad groups for each of your products/services. Make sure to put related keywords in those ad groups. It will help you to be organized and it is one of the ways to be relevant. This is important because the audience will get what they are searching for rather than clicking on some irrelevant ads and getting frustrated. This disappointment can cause you valuable conversion.

Create separate ad groups to improve relevance score

2. Analyze Your Ad Copies

An amazing ad copy can drive tons of traffic. While creating an ad copy, be sure to use relevant keywords. Ad copy content should also be unique and appealing to your audience. Keep them simple and to the point.

You should also recheck those ad copies which you already have for any refurbishing. Doing this will help to get more clicks & conversions.

Some ways you can improve your ad copies:

3. Matching Landing Page Content with Ads

Your landing page content is directly proportionate to your ad. In simple words, landing page content must deliver what the ad has promised. This is a common mistake which one should avoid. Improving your landing page experience will improve your quality score and Ad performance will improve too.

4. Segregate Target Audience & Location Targeting

Imagine you own a clothing brand that offers clothing (Indian & Western) for all age groups. You can create separate ad groups for separate age groups and create campaigns accordingly. You can also try experimenting with various locations, time, and demographic parameters to improve the relevance score for your ad campaigns.

5. Incorporate Negative Keywords

Negative keywords assist to block your ads for those keywords which are not related to your services/products. Including these keywords will boost the clicks and conversion as people will get what they are looking for and this in turn will boost the relevance score.

Our Negative Keywords Tool helps a great deal in identifying such terms. Adding negative keywords helps control wasted ad spend and also helps drive your focus on bidding on more targeted terms.

6. Analyze Your Click Through Rate

It’s a matter of concern if your CTR is low or below average. There could be a number of reasons for you to have a low CTR . It could be that you are not targeting the right keywords or these targeted keywords are not closely related to your ad. Below measures can be taken to improve your CTR:

  • Use extensions
  • Test different ad types
  • Using smart bidding strategy
  • Improve quality score
  • Use of relevant keywords

Taking these above points into action will help you achieve good CTR and increase your relevance score too.

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