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Long tail keywords are highly specific keywords which have low monthly search volume, relatively lower competition and higher chances of converting.

long tail keywords in paid search


Advertisers on a regular basis scan search queries for new opportunities. With Google observing about 15% of new searches every day, it becomes all the more important to track the search query report. But capturing all of these search queries with the existing set of keywords is a difficult task and adding all of them makes the account cumbersome.


So, should you add long tail keywords knowing that it has limited volume though being highly relevant? If yes, then what should you do to ensure that the long tail keyword gets mapped to more search queries?


Here is how should you go about adding new keywords that reach out to more set of search queries and eventually take the performance up a notch.


1) This is possible by using the right match type to capture the major search queries without adding all the new search queries from the search query report. Adding long tail keywords as Exact match type makes the account tedious and will cause your account to bloat without effectively impacting the performance. Instead adding them under the Broad Match Modifier match type will help capture variations of the long tail keywords. As a result, you can effectively show your ad for the long tail search terms without adding all those search terms as individual bidded keywords.


2) Using broad match type for your keyword makes sure that you don’t miss out on those potential search queries while also helping capturing the long tail search queries. Here is a post around how and why broad match can help you expand your reach.


3) Thirdly, adding those queries as negative keywords that are unwanted and irrelevant. This step helps cull traffic from search queries that though being matched to the keyword match type being used is not what the business wishes to capture.

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With these action steps, advertisers can make sure that:

  • Only relevant search queries are being met
  • AdWords account is controlled from adding an increased number of keywords while still tapping the long-tail search queries


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