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Negative keywords is a powerful way to control your ppc campaign performance. We have handpicked few posts that discuss the importance of negative keywords in the current times. Let’s have a look!

save wasted ad spend - importance of negative keywords

Why building negative keywords is now more important than ever?

Google made significant changes to the search terms report that overall impacted how PPCers manage their accounts. In this post, Elliott Shiner, shared that for their larger accounts the impact on clicks from unreported search terms peaked to 45% in September last year.

He further added how the change has made it all the more important to emphasize on negative keywords. All this to ensure that quality traffic is maintained and also to leverage contextual query data, will help save advertiser’s budget in the long run. He discusses the ways through which ppcers can build a comprehensive negative keywords list.

  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Answer The Public
  • Google Search Console
  • Microsoft Ads

We say, we agree that negative keywords can contribute in not only saving your ppc budget but also helps drive the right audience to your business.

Read the full post here.

Negative Vs. Positive Google Ads Keywords — Make Them Work Together

The author in this post stresses on the most important aspect of Negative Keywords, which is to land your ads in front of the right audience. He further elaborates the effect of using positive keywords along with negative keywords:

  • Create more pertinent ad groups – By using positive and negative keywords, advertisers can direct their focus to a specific ad group. This will help bring the right traffic to the advertiser’s business
  • Improved CTR – Where positive keywords focus on getting valuable clicks, negative keywords prevents from wasting your clicks on irrelevant search terms
  • Boosted conversion rate – Using the right positive-negative keyword strategy, will eventually impact your conversion rate

We agree, that negative keyword helps filter unwanted search queries and prevents any wasted ad spend.

Using negative keywords to filter or disassociate your business from popular user search queries can decrease irrelevant traffic, reduce the cost per click (CPC), improve your return on investment (ROI), and boost your click-through rate (CTR). 

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Keyword Sculpting: Maximizing Your Google Ads Profit

Adam Lundquist in this post discusses how negative keywords can help protect your paid search account from competing with itself. Advertisers create generic ad for general keywords and specific ads for specific keywords. When a specific search query is entered by the user, the generic ad might also get triggered.

The solution to address this problem is to create separate ad groups and the positive keywords as negative keywords in the alternate d groups. This will target your ad for the right set of search queries.

When an AdWords account is sculpted correctly there is an increase in relevance and quality score and a decrease in the average cost per click.

We couldn’t agree more with how negative keywords controls the flow of traffic. And with this best practice mentioned by Adam, your ad relevance is improved and can result in boosting your CTR.

Read the full post here

Here are two more posts written in past, that also discussed the importance of negative keywords:

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