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Greetings Happy Readers! PPC blogs are a great place to learn about the industry. These posts help consumers to know crucial threads on paid search, paid social, and much more throughout the year 2021. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most informative blog entries and put them in writing.

What is Google Signals and do you need it? : The Google tool that allows cross-device reporting and retargeting is known as Google Signals. This article explains how to use the marketing funnel to improve the cross-device experience and offer users relevant ads.

All About Value Rules: Bid Adjustments for Smart Bidding in Google Ads: Smart or automated bidding ease the task to set bid adjustment manually & value rules (new feature from Google ads) works to set bid adjustments for automated bids. In this post, we will see how to use this new tool correctly to get optimal results.

How to Add GCLID Data to Google Analytics: To understand the behaviour of those customers who comes to the website after clicking on one of the ads, adding GCLID to Google Analytics is essential. How to do this? Frederick Vallaeys explains in this informative article.

adding GCLID to Google Analytics

FLoC and the future of audiences: Understanding the limits and capabilities of FLoC, FLEDGE and TURTLEDOVE: If FLoC fades away along with 3rd party cookies then internet-based audience targeting will get affected. What is FLoC, how does it protect user privacy and more are discussed in this article.

How to Future Proof Your PPC Program: The idea of gaining good results from your PPC programs can shatter any time if more competitors come into the market or Google Ads changes its algorithm. So, what’s the solution? Learn in this article.

Why Top of Funnel Matters & How to Win Buy-in for It: Most businesses are focused on the bottom-of-funnel ROI and don’t see the value in prospecting beyond that. This article from SearchEngineJournal explains why firms must invest at the top of the funnel in order to maintain market share.

Why top of the funnel matters

How to Fix a Google Merchant Center Suspension for Misrepresentation or Unacceptable Business Practices: What does it mean by “unacceptable business practices” or “misrepresentation” when it comes to Google Merchant Center? Learn some tips and tricks in this article written by Kirk Williams.

Paid Social

If Facebook Ad Campaigns Were A Sandwich, Here’s How to Make The Perfect One: A good Facebook campaign is similar to a good sandwich that has quality ingredients and a little preparation. This post from GranularMarketing helps to understand how to make great Facebook ad campaigns that deliver results.

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Social Media Marketing Field?: We see Artificial Intelligence everywhere whether it is voice assistance on our smartphones or a chatbox on an eCommerce website. And now social media platforms also use Ai and machine learning to give their users a more tailor-made and fun experience. How essential AI has become to social media marketing? let’s learn here.

What is Facebook’s Conversion API (CAPI)?: After Apple’s IOS privacy update, Facebook’s ad platform is also changing. The new Conversions API is one of these updates (CAPI). Learn more in this educative post by Tara Johnson.

Low-Cost Social Ad Strategies That Convert: Are you looking for ad strategies that you can implement today without breaking your bank? This article will help you to know five low-cost ad strategies that convert on Facebook & YouTube.

Instagram Provides a New Overview of How Its Algorithms Work: We might wonder sometimes, how these social media platforms decide which content to show each individual user. In this post, we will get some extra insights into Instagram’s internal process via a series of explainers.

From Team Karooya

A Simple Script to Monitor Google Ads Campaign Budget: When you have several campaigns or accounts, it might be difficult to keep track of each one’s budget. Here’s a script that will notify you if the campaign’s budget is approaching its limit.

Budget monitoring Google ads script

Ad Schedule For Amazon Ads Now Supports Display Campaign: Ad scheduling feature helps to create dayparting for Amazon campaigns and now this feature is available for Display campaigns apart from Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand Campaigns.

Chronology of Google Ad Match Type Changes: Google has been making changes in match types for a long time. This post talks about all the changes occurred since 2014.

Using Amazon Product Variations And PPC Together To Maximize Sales: Amazon is a marketplace where we are bombarded with product options and variations. Learn more about product variation and how to combine it with PPC to increase sales.

Product variation in Amazon Ads

Target CPA & Target ROAS Bidding Strategies in Google Ads Are Changing: Target CPA & Target ROAS bidding strategies have been replaced with Maximize Conversions & Maximize Conversion Value bidding strategies and these will have their respective Target CPA and Target ROAS fields set. Get more insight here.

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