Weekly PPC News – Minimum Quality Score To Save Money In AdWords

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Google introduced new features in AdWords app and Display Campaigns, along with the announcement of Reports Editor, to be launched few months down the line. Other informative articles discuss how to improve CTR, highlights of the AMA session with Brad Geddes, why you should bid on brand terms and PPC mistakes to avoid making.

5 Things to Learn from Brad Geddes’ AMA

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Everyone wants to hear from Brad Geddes. And it came as no shocker that the ‘Ask Me Anything’ reddit session was flooded with questions asking for his expert opinion. For those few who don’t know, Brad is the author of Advanced Google AdWords and founder of AdAlysis and CertifiedKnowledge.org.

Comparing Negative Keywords – Google vs Bing

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The role of negative keywords is indispensable. It filters unwanted traffic, unwanted clicks and thus, you save on your ad spend. Irrespective of which paid SERP you are using for running your ads, you would not want to invest unwisely. So whether be it AdWords, Bing, Baidu, etc. adding negative keyword is definitely a must-job.