Are curse words negative keywords?

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As a PPCer, you would have pre-decided on some negative keywords that you would want to assign to your campaign. Part of such irrelevant terms are the ‘curse words’ or swear words. Marketers do not want to in any way show their ads for such words. But are all search terms with the cuss words really irrelevant?… Read more »

How An Alphabet Became a Negative Keyword?

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No, it isn’t about the English language alphabet, but about the company ‘Alphabet‘. Earlier this month Google announced the formation of their parent company which they lovingly named Alphabet. Not much was realized until a few small scale companies also named Alphabet started facing the brunt of this step.

How Google blocking autocomplete affects negative keyword discovery

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Starting 10th Aug 2015 Google has restricted unsupported, unauthorized, and unpublished usage of autocomplete API.  What this means is that developers who had incorporated autocomplete feature as a ‘service offering’ independent of Google Search, can no longer do so. This is bad news for developers building interesting apps using these APIs.