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PPCChat has become a reliable source of information, where advertisers share their opinions, thoughts, views on PPC and more. Here is a roundup of the top discussions that took place this year.

Changes & Updates That Impacted PPC Industry

Major Impacts on PPC Industry | 18th February 2020 – Views on the new Google Partner requirements, how the Google partner program should look like, concerns regarding Chrome announcement to stop all third-party cookie tracking and more.

CCPA– Impacts & Strategies | 21st July 2020 – Experts poured out their thoughts on the strategies which can deal with laws like CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)., Any unforeseen consequences of this law, Any changes in the data because of CCPA, and more.

Google RSA Ads, UK 2% Tax and more | 1st Sep, 2020 – This PPCChat session discussed various topics such as the impact of ‘digital services tax’ on campaign strategy, preparing for iOS14 launch, RSA as default ad type, and more.

The Coming Datapocalypse & What You Can Do About It | 3rd November 2020 – Concerned about upcoming changes to tracking and attribution, Are experts doing anything now to prepare for the loss of cookie data, Biggest topics to worry about, and more was discussed.

Where Is Google Ads Headed? | 1st December 2020 – experts expressed their views on the impact of auto-applied recommendations on their accounts, their thoughts on any other changes that occurred in Google ads, expectations from Google Ads in the near future, and more.

The Pandemic & PPC

Dealing With Disruption | 3rd March 2020 – This PPCChat session raised concern about coronavirus outbreak affecting experts’ work and daily life, Kind of impact it can have on their clients & agencies, How can they be more protective & be more prepared for a major disruption like this and more.

Impact on PPC Industry Due to Coronavirus Outbreak | 17th March 2020 – Yet another discussion that focused on the impacts PPCers seeing in their work because of the coronavirus outbreak, Effects on their work because of terrible economic fall and more.

What is Still Working in PPC Right Now | 24th March 2020 – This session was also focused on the Coronavirus outbreak. Experts discussed how PPC is being impacted, Change in strategies, Any other ways to do paid search and/or paid social advertising in this environment and more.

Client & Team Communication in the Age of COVID | 31st March 2020 – Experts discussed the changes made to communicate with clients, How changes made in strategies affecting their reporting, How PPCChat community supporting each other during this critical time and more.

How Digital Advertising Will or Will Not Changed After COVID- 19 – 14th April 2020 – Impact on the PPC industry post coronavirus pandemic, What lessons clients should take away from this outbreak when it comes to PPC and digital marketing and more.

Impact on Performance Due to Pandemic | 5th May 2020 – Talk about the changes seen in PPC performance, whether CPC is down, up or steady in their accounts? Are advertisers using any smart bidding or other automated bidding strategies? and more.

Managing PPC During A Recession | 19th May 2020 – PPC experts discuss about the economic impact of the pandemic, how to handle such rough conditions, action steps to prepare for recession, what skillset they are adding on, plan to manage the economic volatility, and more. 

PPCers Wishlist

2020 PPC Wish List | 14th January 2020 – This session was an interesting one as PPCers expressed what their expectations are from PPC platforms such as Google Ads, LinkedIn, Microsoft Advertising, etc in 2020,  What are they most concerned about in PPC in 2020 and more.

Platform Wishlist | 18th Aug, 2020 –  PPCers discussed about what they wished to changed on these platforms namely, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads etc.

What Next?

Finding New Ideas | 12th May 2020 – this week’s PPCChat session has sought experts’ thoughts about trying new ideas in their PPC accounts, Are new ideas working out, What timeframe to give to these new ideas to decide if they are worth continuing or trying in other accounts and more.

Ad Extensions | 16th June 2020 – sought PPCers views on the go-to-ad extension, What extensions do they rarely use, What are the ways experts are utilizing ad extensions and more.

Ad Copies | 26th May 2020 – During the session, experts discussed ad copies in search ads and social ads, Are ad copies working well in these critical times, From where they are getting inspiration for ad copy, What is the process they are following to create new ad copy and more.

Paid Search & Paid Social – Working Together | 27th Oct 2020 – This week’s PPCChat discussed about using search and social together, the channels being used for generating awareness, acquiring and retargeting customers and a lot more. 

Other Platforms

Snapchat Advertising | 10th March 2020 – this week’s PPCChat session was focused on the wish list for a Snapchat platform, Have experts run SnapAds for other industries apart from ecom, Has creative been a roadblock and more.

YouTube Advertising | 14th July 2020 – discussed the advantages of testing videos on YouTube, The biggest hurdle to test the budget for YouTube, Best ways to evaluate a YouTube campaign with minimal conversion volume and more.

Life Beyond Facebook & Google | 28th July 2020 – focused on clients view on advertising on platforms other than Facebook and Google, What is the biggest objection experts have to face while proposing other networks, Which network do they find to be great for a certain demographic or industry and more.

All About Google Analytics 4 | 17th November 2020 –  focused on Google Analytics 4. Experts expressed their views on implementing GA4, Any aspects of GA4 which excites them, The difference between GA4 & the one they are using now, and more.

Here are some other roundups from this year:

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