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We saw some significant changes in the PPC space this year, such as the launch of the new ad format (Responsive Search Ads), addition of a third headline and second description to the Expanded Text Ads etc. To support these changes, we introduced some new products this year, while simultaneously optimizing existing products to support more features. Here is a roundup of the top announcements by our team this year.

announcements by karooya



[Product Update] Expanded Text Ad Preview Tool Updated – We made changes to our Expanded Text Ad Preview Tool and now it supports three headline and two descriptions, as per the changes introduced by Google.


[New Product] Responsive Search Ads Preview Tool – We launched the Responsive Search Ads Preview Tool this year, to help advertisers create multiple ad copies in the new ad format and share it across with clients or team for their perusal.


[PRODUCT UPDATE] More Ad Extensions in ETA Preview tool – We upgraded our Expanded Text Ads Preview Tool to now include the Location and Price Extensions.

price extension updated


[UPDATE] Specify Language In Our AdWords Script For Duplicate Keywords – After having successfully launched the script  (the AdWords script developed by us flags the close variants as well as the duplicates) two years back, we updated the script to let advertisers specify their preferred language and generate the list of duplicate keywords in that language


[AdWords Script] Track Responsive Search Ads’ Rollout – This hands-on script was launched to help advertisers track the performance of your responsive search ads in comparison to expanded text ads. With this script you can easily find out where you are lagging behind and where you are progressing.


RSA (Responsive Search Ads) Ad Performance Script – To help advertisers analyze the performance of their ads in the new format, we updated the Ad Performance Script (an AdWords script help you analyze your account for the winning and poor performing ads) to support Responsive Search Ads.

adwords performance script paramsadwords performance script params


[NEW PRODUCT] Amazon Ads Negative Keywords Tool – Knowing that advertisers are keen to invest in Amazon ads and want it to bring in profitable returns, we have devised a tool that helps advertisers with negative keywords. Earlier launched for Google Ads and Bing Ads, we thought it was best to extend this offering for Amazon users as well.


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